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book russia in space the past explained the future - russia in space the past explained the future explored by anatoly zak, russian space news spacedaily com - focus on the future of space transportation esa s call for ideas nanoracks completes external cygnus deployment 6 more cubesats in orbit new satellite constellations will soon fill the sky, space tourism space transport and space exploration news - space launch news space travel com brings you daily news about space travel rocket launchers and rocket science, russia s space program in pictures - russia has been a powerhouse in space exploration since the space age began in 1961 the nation then known as the soviet union rocketed yuri gagarin into space marking the first human to venture into orbit, russia develops new space laser cannon veterans today - a company affiliated with the russian space agency roscosmos is reportedly moving to develop a powerful new laser capable of evaporating targets in orbit for the benefit of all mankind researchers at the scientific and industrial corporation precision instrument systems npk spp a subsidiary of roscosmos are developing a new technology which would allow for the vaporizing of, us general russia and china building space weapons - a senior us general said saturday that countries like russia and china are actively building weapons that can target space based us military assets like satellites, how does trump s space force compare to russia and china s - us president donald trump s mooted space force which he suggested will be a separate but equal branch of the military is vital to maintaining a tactical advantage over geopolitical adversaries according to analysts and members of the us military, russia and china are testing missiles that could blast u s - russia and china have both tested powerful advanced missile systems capable of taking out targets in outer space including u s satellites the russian ministry of defense announced monday that russia tested an upgrade for its a 135 anti ballistic missile system a sophisticated missile shield, china russia planning space attacks on u s satellites - china and russia are preparing to attack and disrupt critical u s military and intelligence satellites in a future conflict with crippling space missile maneuvering satellite and laser attacks senior pentagon and intelligence officials told congress on tuesday air force gen john hyten, russia s space program is in trouble slate magazine - the russian space program doesn t get a lot of great press these days the big news is not russia but the rise of a new generation of players from coun, russia fears u s is planning for space war newsweek com - russia has accused the united states of harboring dangerous hopes to develop and place weapons in space which moscow fears could make the state of the world even more fraught russian foreign minister sergey lavrov made the accusation during his year in review press conference on monday after, russia had a secret space station equipped with cannons - back in 1968 three apollo 8 astronauts circled the moon on christmas eve and returned home where they were greeted with a ticker tape parade and honored on the cover of time far out of sight from these public celebrations however another group of astronauts was training to reach space unlike, failed space launches haunt russia kremlin eyes probe - russia s latest space launch failures have prompted authorities to take a closer look into the nation s struggling space industry the kremlin said thursday, russia to deliver us new rocket engines as trump creates - the us government is slated to receive one of two batches of russian made rocket engines in the second quarter of 2018 according to a leading russian rocket designer at nearly the same point when the newly created us space force is being established as a new branch of the us armed forces, russia to build space gun that can destroy objects in - russia plans on converting a telescope into a massive space gun with the capability of shooting down and destroying objects in space for now its main use, fly a mig 29 in russia for civilians fly to the edg of - fly a mig 29 in russia for civilians fly to the edg of space complex of aerobatics in mig 29 fly mig jets in russia cost of the mig 29 flights at sokol airbase, photos world cup stadiums in russia from space business - games for the 2018 world cup will be played at 12 stadiums across russia with locations spread more than 1 500 miles apart from east to west and more than 1 000 miles from north to south here s what they look like from satellites orbiting the earth, war in space china russia can shoot down us satellites - the u s military s ability to conduct wars and its satellites could be open to attacks from china and russia s advanced programs, russia building laser cannon death ray capable of - an image drawn by a defense intelligence agency employee imagining how a soviet laser cannon might look credit edward l cooper wikimedia russia has revealed plans to build a gigantic laser cannon capable of destroying targets in space it is converting a telescope into a huge space gun, cosmonauts how russia won the space race bbc four - documentary telling the story of how the russians led us into the space age, today in science tunguska explosion earth earthsky - june 30 1908 in a remote part of russia a fireball was seen streaking across the daytime sky within moments something exploded in the atmosphere above siberia s podkamennaya tunguska river in what is now krasnoyarsk krai russia